The Gateway Ringers

Gateway Members

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Photo by Chris Amos

Art for Gateway Ringers logo by Ron Kilkenny

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Current Members (* indicates charter members)

Past Directors
Wim Blees (1995-1997) Mark W. Lawson (1997-2003) Nancy Helmich (2004-2007)

Past Members
Curtis Armstrong Laurel Bales Dolan Bayless
Beth Beattie * Jan Blees * Wim Blees (Founder)
Jan Ebeler Tim Forbis Kevin Gale
Hellen Gillespie Kevon Hall Marcia Hansen
Cynthia Harris * Janice Hitchcock * Sally Johnson
* Karl Kay * Dub Koon Ginny Lawson
Kit Lamar Jason McGinnis Karen Mild
Anne Miller * Allison Nalesnik * Georgia O'Brien
* Candy Parson Janet Petersen Michelle Robbins
Wendy Shaw Donna Skeen Kelly Stohl
Andrea Stramler +Joyce Suttle+ Laurie Underwood
Steve Upton Crystal Wagner Bruce Walker
* Marcia Worcester Jill Dean Gurney the Gateway Chicken

Last Update: 11/13/2016