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Wim %26 Jan (
Date:Sat 25 Aug 2007 04:04:34 AM EDT
Subject:in Hawaii

Hey guys. I don't know if you've heard, but Jan and I are now in Hawaii, where I am trying to be a full time piano tuner, and Jan is hoping to have some piano students. We just moved here on August 2nd, and we don't even have our furniture yet, (it gets here on Tuesday), so with nothing else to do, I look up things Google, and found the Garetway website. On Sunday we start playing with the Hawaiian handbell ensemble. (They have some Hawaiian name, but neither Jan or I know how to pronounce it, but it means One Music Many Hands). It's a new group that only started in February, but they are an ambitious group. We had a picnic at the director's house last Sunday. We'll let you know how it goes. But in the mean time, why not start planning on a road trip. We can't put you up at our house, but we'll definately have some places for you to ring.

Happy ringing.

Wim %26 Jan.


Jan DeJaegher (
Date:Thu 12 Oct 2006 05:41:36 PM EDT

When are the next auditions being held? Jan


Kent Fisk (
Date:Sun 18 Jun 2006 01:13:15 PM EDT
Subject:Visiting from Australia (June 16th - 26th, 2006)

Greetings from a learner tower bell ringer ringer from St. Paul's Cathedral, Melbourne, Australia.


william locke (
Date:Fri 28 Apr 2006 09:53:32 AM EDT
Subject:Boeing ECF

Hi, I hope you have a bless year......


Andy Eversole (
Date:Mon 16 Jan 2006 08:41:34 PM EST
Subject:Welcome to

Welcome the Guestbook at, online home of the Gateway Ringers. This site was brought online on 1/16/2006.


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